13 Brand new Cobra’s still in their original crates which also includes options (2,3,4,5)

1. 13 Brand new Cobra’s still in their original crates which also includes options (2,3,4,5)

2. 90 New T53-L-703 Engines

3. $107M USD worth of Bell Helicopter spare parts package (new)

4. Pilot training and service (included)

5. Ground Crew training and service (included)


Second Cobra package:  $32,785,792.00M USD (This package is compatible with parts and engines above)

Please Contact: 

Email: Dr John Raciti FRSA, Sydney, NSW, Australia





1. 8 used Cobra gunship Package (selling for $4,098,224.00M Each)


(Note: Purchase package #1 and #2 for: $183,150,792.00M USD which would provide USMC Air Corps with 21 Cobra Gunships!

(Note #2) New  Cobra Gun Ships are now selling for well over $27M/$31M USD if you can find them! 21 Gun Ships now going for $651M USD’s

a savings of well over $468M USD for our 21 Cobras vs. their 21 Cobras.


Third A-4 Fighter Package: $98,000,000.00M USD for 26 combat fighters


1. 10 Skyhawk Single Seat Fighters (selling for $3.8M USD Each)

2. 16 Skyhawk Twin Seat Fighters (selling for $3.8M USD Each)

(Note: Can’t confirm but these fighters appear to have the larger J-52-P-8A Engines)


Fourth C-130-H Model Transport Package:  $117,000,000.00M USD for 13 C-130-H less then midlife engine /airframe time  


1. 13 C-130-H:  Selling for $9M USD Each (Note: Includes a package of parts, spare engines/propellers and training (Pilot and Ground Crew Training and Service)



Fifth F-16 Fighter Package:  $570,850,000.00M USD


1. 35+ F-16’s selling for $16,310,000.00M Each


Sixth Blackhawk Helicopter Package:  $11,647,584.00M USD  


1. 2 Black hawk helicopters selling for $5,823,792.00M Each


Seventh F-4 Phantom fighter Package (Parts and engines//aircraft non flyable until inspection and X-Ray (total intact airframe): $10, 800,000.00M USD

36 F-4 Phantoms selling for: $300K USD Each (All aircraft Non flyable for parts and engines only) CANNOT SELL TO IRAN

Advised on 5/17/2016 that most if not all F-4 Phantom II’s in this package may all be flyable. If this is true the entire package

will cost $1B USD for 136 flyable combat aircraft, engines, parts, propellers, pilot training, engineer training, loadmaster

training, and ground crew mechanic training.


Everything is certified and approved by US Government