D. David Odalric de Caixal i Mata. Director of OSI Foundation / OSI Intelligence (Security, Intelligence and Defense)

OSI Intelligene, is a group of experts in counterintelligence of the OSI Foundation (Occidental Studies Institute) located in New Hamphsire, dedicated to consulting, training and providing services in the field of security, intelligence and defense. From OSI-Intelligence, we certify that Ian Gaylard is the OSI Foundation collaborator in the United Kingdom.

OSI Intelligence is a Counter-Intelligence Think Tank, which is established as an OSI institution to help our society and culture to build solid bridges of understanding between civilizations, avoiding clashes of civilization by finding the balance between protecting our own way of life and understand the world and the concept of society, but also the understanding and implementation of tools to use between civilizations and cultures with opposing values to accept our differences as complementarity and understand the path towards a peaceful coexistence between them.

OSI-Intelligence, is a Group of Analysis and Thought, dedicated to the formation, diffusion and defense of the values of the Judeo-Christian Culture in the West.

And for the record, I sign this certificate made in New Hamphsire, July 31, 2019

David Odalric de Caixal i Mata Director OSI Foundation (Occidental Studies Institute) 159 Main St. STE 100 Nashua, NH 03060 New Hampshire, USA director@osifoundation.com www.osifoundation.com/ www.secindef.com (+34) 607429492