The Sun: HOMEWARD BOUND ISIS bride Shamima Begum ‘heading for Brit embassy in Iraq to use her baby as ticket home’, expert claims


David Otto, counter-terrorism and organised crime expert at Global Risk International, believes an escape to the south is her favoured option.

He told the Daily Star Online: “From a logistical and tactical move, she would travel towards Iraq where the UK has a consulate service and seek assistance.

“Even if there is no immediate help for her due to the ongoing controversy surrounding the revoke of her nationality by the British Home Office, the UK government has publicly expressed a willingness to recognise and care for her newborn.

“It is likely she will be heading to Iraq where she can seek the commencement of repatriation service.”

There has no British diplomatic presence in war-torn Syria since 2012.

Another possible route home could be north through Turkey - the common entry point for most British ISIS members including Begum and her two school pals who flew there from Gatwick in 2015.

Crossing the border was once relatively easy - but now people smugglers are said to be charging £40,000 per family.

Former Turkish counter-terror police chief Ahmet Yayla said: "Under normal circumstances, (ISIS jihadis) would easily travel back to Turkey by bribing Syrian Democratic Forces members and working with the smugglers.

“But through recent circumstances, smuggling fees – particularly for the Western members – have increased dramatically.

“Now they are charging up to $50,000  - in the past it was around $200."