UK braced for 'copycat' attacks after New Zealand shootings from far right ‘gun gangs’

THE UK could be hit by far-right “copycat” attacks and gun-wielding gangs mimicking the New Zealand shootings, a defence expert has warned.

David Otto, counter-terrorism and organised crime expert at Global Risk International, has been monitoring far-right activity since the New Zealand atrocity. 

He told Daily Star Online: “The massacre and published manifestos of the perpetrator has given the far right movements in the UK a dangerous and false reawakening spirit.

“Some violent extremist activity could drive the message of a great replacement of some superior white race.” 

Mr Otto points to how easily the far-right can spread their evil messages online – often employing the same propaganda tactics as jihadis. 


He continued: “If one were to measure the current atmosphere and far right activities as reaction to jihadist extremism actions, there is no doubt that the Reaction is far greater in intensity, much more open and spread across the UK both offline and online platforms."

ISIS’ so-called caliphate has been virtually wiped out in Syria, and the terror group’s position has become increasingly frail. 

But as the jihadis are steadily weakened, the far-right has grown even more brutal.

Mr Otto continued: “Far right extremists are becoming more dangerous in their attack tactics.

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“From previous fist fight bashings to using sticks, clubs and now an increase in sharp weapons attacks. 

“Like in the Anders Brevik case, there are ‘copy-cat’ tactics from jihadist movements. 

“The tactics of using vans, bombs and deadly assault automatic riffles means these  groups are aiming to strike more terror but also inflict more casualties similar to jihadist movements.”