Free Rock UK, a partner company of Global Risk, have combined the experience, capabilities and skills of the Commander, Deputy Commander, key operational and training staffs of the Combined Joint Multi National CBRN Task Force (CJ-MN-CBRN-TF) for NATO Reaction Force 13 (NRF13) and the UK's Defence CBRN Wing to provide expert CBRN consultancy to all sectors.

Free Rock UK is at the vanguard of Counter CBRN Operations, Emergency Planning, Risk and Disaster Management; Our key personnel are drawn the most senior, current and operationally experienced CBRN specialists from the UK’s Tier 1 CBRN capabilities. 

Furthermore, and taking advantage of new structures and employment architecture we are able to bring the inside, out.

We cover all aspects of security consulting including Counter CBRN, High Profile Strategic Fixed Asset protection, Internal and External Force Protection, Scientific Expertise, Training and Training Design. We also aim to bring organisations closer together offering opportunities across all business sectors supporting Business Development, Sales and Conference Support. 

Rock UK have developed a broad spectrum of Expert Support (FR:ES) who are vetted as part of our organisation through a rigorous selection procedure. We individually assure all FR:ES members in order to ensure that highest quality product is provided to the customer. FR:ES have significant experience working in high threat environments worldwide, delivering training at home and overseas and providing technical expertise as both individuals and teams. By engaging with Free Rock UK and the FR:ES capability companies are supporting the past, present and future generations of the UK's Armed, Reserve and Emergency Services. Moreover, we provide a platform for transitioning personnel to showcase their skills and capabilities to potential future employers. As an organisation you will have the most current and operationally aware personnel to support your activities now and into the future. 

Our CBRN courses have been specifically designed to meet the needs of the CBRN community of today and into the future. Our instructors, course and syllabus designers are drawn from the forefront of the UK’s Tier1 CBRN community ensuring that content and context are operationally relevant, upto date and fit for purpose now and into the future.  Our courses are designed around a core syllabus, which can then be uplifted to meet the specific needs of the client. The courses are designed to be agile and flexible in order that the context to the course can be built around the core syllabus. Thus, our courses remain relevant to the Military, Emergency Services, Corporate Sector, Media and the Security Sectors. (CBRN) defence capability through the protection of personnel from the strategic, tactical and physiological impacts of exposure to toxic chemicals and materials and NATO's CBRN

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