Dr. John Raciti (Australasia Business Development)

Dr. Raciti is an Institutional Representative of A-GLOSS in Australia and New Zealand; and represents also both TGS Australia (APAC Regional Charter) and GRI in Australasia.

He is the British High Commissioner to the Vice President of the Commonwealth Nations for Australia and IHRC Human Rights Ambassador for Australia; British High Commissioner for Personal Interests of Commonwealth Nations; and belongs to the International Military Corps of Peacekeepers. Moreover, he is heavily involved with the International Human Rights Commission.

Dr. Raciti is a Counterterrorism Analyst and Ambassador to Australia; and protects also Internet Businesses and government users against online fraud. He has studied at the Swinburne University in Security and Fight against Terrorism.

Dr. Madhu Krishan, The Founder and President of the Universal Global Peace Academy, conferred the Academy Award to Mr. Raciti on the basis of the resolution approved by the AUGP World Government Council of the Governors of 70 Nations, and awarded him also an Honoris Causa Doctorate on Humanity. Further, he was awarded a "Certificate of Excellence" for his continuing humanitarian work of decades for the Nations Sustainable Development.