Members of the Global Risk International team, led by Steve Koger and David Otto, and in conjunction with strategic partners, have extensive experience from policy and planning to field operations and emergency deployments. We have top-flight suppliers for virtually any type of law enforcement systems and hardware on the market today, and of course we can invent whatever it is that you need that no one thought of! We begin by studying the desired end-state relationship between law enforcement and the populace - scores of studies prove that when the community views the police as a benefit to society, trusted and respected, that crime in those communities is simply not feasible. Developing the strategy, in collaboration with the policy makers and stakeholders within the community is a critical first step. Once the strategy and planning phase is complete, a rigorous and thorough training plan with the right equipment, highly experienced trainers and strong curriculum will be delivered to the client (and is in a constant state of refinement, with each training iteration). Crime exists where there is little to no barrier to crime, and we take great care in ensuring that overlapping programs work collaboratively - there are no gaps - and ongoing maintenance training, to introduce new concepts, equipment, tactics and techniques are introduced. After a complete set of training protocols, a student becomes a law enforcement expert - able to communicate with neighboring police, Interpol and other groups.

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