Nicolae Parcevschii, Lieutenant Colonel (ret)

Lt Col Parcevschii retired from his service in the military in 2008, where he had a long and distinguished career in the National Army, concentrating on Military Psychopedagogy (Educational Psychology) and Command functions. Nicolae has competencies in the following, among others:

  • Psychology
  • Geography & Topography
  • Military Geography & Psychology
  • Ecological Engineering
  • Geophysiology
  • Verbal- and Nonverbal-Communications

His professional experience ranges from his military service as platoon commander, military psychologist, general staff and missile sub-commander to Professorial roles in topography and geography, and more recently to serving as the President of the Center for Military History and Geography for the Republic of Moldova.

Lt Col Parcevschii is involved also in the Center for Excellence in Construction in Chisinau, is a Member of the Geography Society of Romania, and is a partner of the Center for Applied Strategies in Romania.

His education and training includes the following, among others:

  • Breansk Institute of Technology, Ecological Engineering
  • Postgraduate Coursework at "Carol-I" National Defense University, Bucharest
  • Chisinau Continuing Education Institute, Psychopedagogy Specialization
  • Chisinau Continuing Education Institute, Geography Specialization
  • Topography Professor Gr. II
  • Military Psychologist Gr. I

Most recently, Lt Col Parcevschii has been appointed as Ambassador to Romania for the International Organization for Educational Development (IOED). 

Nicolae leads GRI's regional represenatation in Chisinau - Global Risk International Eastern Europe (GRI Est EU) - covering Moldova, Romania and Ukraine.