Steve K (Deputy Managing Director) 

Steve is a USAF ANG Veteran and former Law Enforcement Officer

  • Founder and Owner of KPS, LLC - a US-based security, defense & professional services consultancy
  • Intelligence & Counter Terror Consultant
  • Professionally certified and credentialed Project and Program Manager
  • BSc., John Brown University

Experience & Background
After his stint in Aerospace Control & Warning Systems (managing and operating ACW systems, including functions involving surveillance, identification, weapons control, data link management, communications, attack & protection functions) Steve was hired by his local police department.  After his first two years on street patrol, Steve moved to Special Investigations.  He has been formally trained and has extensive experience in patrol operations, uniformed and plain-clothes/ covert/ undercover operations, surveillance/ counter-surveillance techniques, dynamic entries, Title III wiretapping investigations with the FBI, fugitive recovery with the US Marshal’s Service, dignitary protection and counter-response roles teamed with the US Secret Service. He has been trained also in criminal intelligence analysis and interview and interrogation; and holds professional certifications in weapons systems and tactics, narcotics investigation, money laundering & asset forfeiture and clandestine laboratory investigation & safety.

Steve's diverse background ranges from Intelligence & anti-terrorism services, international business development and to global program management in the security & defense, oil & gas, telecommunications, and pharmaceuticals sectors, among others. He has worked closely with various technical solutions teams, senior foreign intelligence units, military leadership and various government officials throughout the Middle East, Africa, North & South America, Western Asia and SE Asia.

An accomplished professional security services consultant since moving on from Law Enforcement, Steve brings over 25 years of documented, global experience within multi-cultural, difficult and challenging environments.

Licenses & Certificates

  • Project Management Professional (PMP) – Project Management Institute (PMI), 12/2005
  • Advanced Project-Program Management (PMOC) – AllPMO, 9/2009
  • Certified Law Enforcement Officer, Advanced - ACLEST
  • Certified Narcotics Investigator – Drug Enforcement Administration
  • Clandestine Laboratory Investigation & Safety – Drug Enforcement Administration
  • Money Laundering & Asset Forfeiture – US Dept of Treasury
  • Criminal Intelligence Analysis – Alpha Group
  • Project Management in NGOs – PMI
  • PM Methodology for Post-Disaster Reconstruction - PMI